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Helicoverpa activity and management in chickpeas

Heli­cov­er­pa are the pri­ma­ry insect pest of chick­peas. Ben­e­fi­cial insects that are present in many crops do not thrive in chick­peas, so suc­cess­ful heli­cov­er­pa man­age­ment relies heav­i­ly on mon­i­tor­ing and iden­ti­fi­ca­tion, appro­pri­ate­ly tim­ing con­trol to crop stage, and using the rec­om­mend­ed thresh­olds. Mon­i­tor­ing involves reg­u­lar in-field check­ing with a beat sheet. Addi­tion­al­ly, moth num­bers can be mon­i­tored using pheromone traps… Read more »

Helicoverpa activity and other pests to watch for in winter crops.

Heli­cov­er­pa armigera active now. This spring a num­ber of agron­o­mists have just start­ed mon­i­tor­ing pheromone traps across the north­ern region, and the results from the past two weeks illus­trate how use­ful pheromone traps can be. Over the past 1–2 weeks, the traps are catch­ing rel­a­tive­ly high num­bers of Heli­cov­er­pa armigera, and low catch­es of H. punctig­era. In Sep­tem­ber it is gen­er­al­ly assumed that… Read more »

Bruchids infesting pulse crops in the field

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There have been two reports recent­ly of cow­pea bruchid activ­i­ty, with these pests infest­ing pulse crops in the field pri­or to har­vest. The first report con­cerned the cow­pea bruchid (wee­vil) Cal­loso­bruchus mac­u­la­tus in field peas from Goondi­win­di. The bruchids were noticed at intake and con­tin­ued to breed in an untreat­ed grain sam­ple post-har­vest. This clear­ly indi­cat­ed they were not pea… Read more »

An economic threshold calculator for Helicoverpa in chickpeas

  Cal­cu­lat­ing the eco­nom­ics of con­trol is crit­i­cal to mak­ing a deci­sion about if and when Heli­cov­er­pa pop­u­la­tions in chick­peas require treat­ment. This sea­son, for the first time, grow­ers and agron­o­mists have access to an on-line cal­cu­la­tor to help them make these deci­sions. The cal­cu­la­tor over­comes the need to try and remem­ber the for­mu­las in the field. Best of all,… Read more »

Helicoverpa larvae surviving in failed chickpea crops may be a threat to the following crop

With some chick­pea crops being sprayed out, rather than har­vest­ed, there are reports of heli­cov­er­pa lar­vae sur­viv­ing on crop residues. The sur­vival of lar­vae, par­tic­u­lar­ly large late instar lar­vae, pos­es a threat to sub­se­quent crops that may be sown direct­ly into the chick­pea residues. It is impor­tant to check for sur­viv­ing lar­vae under the chick­pea residues before the next crop… Read more »

Refresher on managing helicoverpa in chickpea

With the approach of spring, heli­cov­er­pa start to become active. In CQ, chick­pea crops are attrac­tive to moths, and it is time­ly to revis­it some of the key points relat­ed to mak­ing deci­sions about con­trol of this pest in crops.In this arti­cle, I want­ed to dis­cuss a cou­ple of the rec­om­men­da­tions which some grow­ers and agron­o­mists have found a bit… Read more »

Managing Helicoverpa larvae in chickpea crops close to dessication and harvest.

Over the last week or so we have received a num­ber of enquiries about how best to man­age new egg-lays, and pop­u­la­tions of small lar­vae, in chick­pea crops that are close to dessi­ca­tion and senesc­ing. Of most con­cern are crops that still have rea­son­able areas of green crop in them, and what the like­li­hood of dam­age is if the weath­er… Read more »

Helicoverpa management in chickpea – a refresher

A com­pre­hen­sive overview of Heli­cov­er­pa man­age­ment in chick­pea can be found in the DPI&F brochure Heli­cov­er­pa man­age­ment in chick­pea (2007). You can read or down­load a copy of the brochure at the DPI & F web­site at Click on the link to Heli­cov­er­pa man­age­ment in chick­pea where you will find the brochure. Key man­age­ment deci­sions The fol­low­ing is an… Read more »

Control considerations for Helicoverpa in chickpea

The recent­ly released brochure out­lin­ing how to cal­cu­late an eco­nom­ic thresh­old for heli­cov­er­pa in chick­pea is avail­able on the DPI & F web­site at Click on the link to Heli­cov­er­pa man­age­ment in chick­pea where you can view or down­load the brochure. Con­trol con­sid­er­a­tions – which prod­uct when? There is a range of prod­ucts reg­is­tered for heli­cov­er­pa con­trol in chick­pea.… Read more »

A better way to make decisions about Helicoverpa control in chickpea

A new guide to cal­cu­lat­ing eco­nom­ic thresh­olds avail­able now Grow­ers and agron­o­mists are now able to cal­cu­late how much yield they will lose if they do not con­trol an infes­ta­tion of heli­cov­er­pa in chick­pea. They can cal­cu­late the point at which it is eco­nom­ic to con­trol an infes­ta­tion based on the poten­tial yield loss, their costs of con­trol, the expect­ed… Read more »