About the Beatsheet

The Beatsheet blog is a website about pest management issues (with a focus on arthropods) relevant to Australia’s northern grain region (Queensland and New South Wales). The blog includes technical information, pest risk alerts, research highlights, supporting information, and provides practical management tools and options for a range of insect pests that have the potential to significantly reduce industry productivity and profits.

A moderated comments area allows readers to communicate and share pest management experiences with the Entomology Team from the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF). The blog includes contributions from DAF pathologists and NSW DPI and much of the research behind the information provided is supported by funding from the grains and cotton industries. Subscribers receive email notification of new news postings and pest alerts.

The Beatsheet contributes to a national network of insect pest information and services, including the IPMforGrains: Best Practice Insect Pest Management project, which aims to provide grain growers and advisors with information on invertebrate grain pest occurrence and equip industry with the knowledge needed to implement integrated pest management practices.

The Beatsheet is supported by a co-investment between DAF and GRDC. Some of the research reported has also been supported by other funding organisations (see individual articles for acknowledgements).