Publications and factsheets

Note: While the information contained in these publications was correct at time of printing, they are provided here for reference and archive purposes, and not all content may be current.  

Identification guides

GBBB-cover150Good Bug? Bad Bug? Identification guide

(March 2013, 3.5 MB PDF)

Recognising parasitism in silverleaf whitefly

A4 (1.6MB PDF)

Ladybird life stages

A3 (3MB PDF)

Quick reference

Economic threshold ready reckoners (July 2013)
Quick reference tables for key insect pests (180 kB PDF)

See also the ‘Best bet’ IPM strategies available at IPM Guidelines for Grains.



Mealybug factsheets:

IMG_3907Solenop­sis overview
(Novem­ber 2013, 189 kB PDF)
IMG_3914Solenop­sis in cot­ton
(Novem­ber 2013, 319 kB PDF)

Helicoverpa management In chickpea (2007)

Insects brochure series (2005):

Some of our more pop­u­lar past arti­cles are avail­able as PDF factsheets:

Bean­pod­borer man­age­ment in mung­beans 2012 (140 kB)
Soy­beans defo­li­ated by loop­ers 2012 (190 kB)
Soy­bean looper defo­li­at­ing sun­flower 2012 (200 kB)
Aphids in canola 2012 (56 kB)
 small larvae Soy­bean stem fly out­break in soy­bean crops (289 kB)
 RGB in canla Ruther­glen bug in canola stub­ble (77 kB)
cotton_aphid_mm Spring pests of win­ter cere­als (343 kB)