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NSW DPI & QDAF autumn insect webinar – 4 May 2023
Zorica Duric (NSW DPI) and Melina Miles and Tonia Grundy (DAF) provide an update on key summer pests and prospects for the upcoming season on aphids, establishment pests, and other things to be aware of. Recorded May 2023 (59 minutes). Links to further information are provided in the video’s description on the NSW DPI’s YouTube channel (at

Pest prospects for spring – 8 September 2022
Online update presented by Melina Miles, Hugh Brier and Adam Quade (DAF) and Zorica Duric (NSW DPI) on potential pest issues this year following the recent wetter seasons in many areas. (46 mins)

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Field crop pests (NSW) – 3 June 2020
Online update with a northern NSW focus. Presenters included Zorica Duric, Joop van Leur and Bill Gordon (NSW DPI) and Hugh Brier and Melina Miles (DAF Qld). The set of individual recordings is available at the NSW DPI YouTube channel.

Northern Grains Region Seasonal Update (QLD) – 27 May 2020
Online update presented by Hugh Brier, Lisa Kelly and Melina Miles (DAF) and Zorica Duric (NSW DPI) on summer/autumn pest and diseases encountered and potential issues for winter. (54 mins)
Download the Q&A summary (720kB pdf).

FAW Q&A session (CQ Grower Solutions) – 6 May 2020
Online presentation and Q&A session organised by CQ Grower Solutions on 6 May 2020, featuring Melina Miles (DAF) and Brent Wilson (Nutrien Ag Solutions, Home Hill). Due to technical issues the initial audio of Brent’s presentation has been re-recorded by Melina. (45 mins) 
Download the Q&A summary
(775kB pdf).


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