Customised workshops are currently held several times per year in the Northern Grains region. Subscribe to the Beatsheet newsletter (in the right-hand navigation bar or footer) to received notification of upcoming workshops.

Insect identification and management workshops

Face-to-face full or half day workshops on insect identification and management over the last few years have focussed on a comprehensive hands-on component with live, preserved and photographic specimens of pests, beneficials and damage. Workshops in the southern part of the Northern region have been conducted in conjunction with NSW DPI.

Register for the upcoming workshop in Emerald on 6 December 2023.

Decision making for insect management in grain crops (2013-15)

Decision Making for Insect Management in Grain Crops workshops were conducted at multiple locations within the Northern and Southern regions during 2013-2015 as part of GRDC project DAQ00179.