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Insect pest management in sorghum – a refresher

Sorghum is most susceptible to crop loss from insect pests during flowering and grain fill, and this article deals mostly with these species (sorghum midge, helicoverpa and Rutherglen bug). However, some years there may be pest infestations in vegetative sorghum. Vegetative sorghum During the vegetative stages you may see a few armyworm or helicoverpa larvae causing shot-holes in the leaves,… Read more »

Rutherglen bug damage in mungbeans

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Although typically only in low numbers in the Northern Grains region, Rutherglen bugs (RGB; Nysius vinitor) were observed at very high densities (e.g. 50 RGB per pod) in many crops last year. A glasshouse study was conducted to determine at what plant stage mungbeans were most susceptible to RGB damage, in terms of both yield and seed quality. To do… Read more »

Making decisions about Rutherglen bug in maturing sorghum crops

Rutherglen bug (RGB) numbers are persisting in many sorghum crops as they start to reach physiological maturity. Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) research has shown no evidence of yield loss as a result of direct feeding on grain once it reaches physiological maturity (black layer). However, because most crops this year have staggered head emergence, there are a… Read more »

Watch for Rutherglen bugs moving from canola into neighbouring crops.

Rutherglen bug (RGB) numbers in canola stubble are again high in some fields. These infestations pose a risk to neighbouring crops, either through damage to establishing summer crops or contamination of unharvested winter crops. Both the canola and adjacent crops warrant monitoring for RGB infestation and movement out of the canola field. If large number of nymphs move into adjacent fields with seedling… Read more »

Rutherglen bug in canola stubble – potential to damage establishing summer crops.

Rutherglen bug (RGB) are best known for the damage they can cause in sunflower and sorghum during grainfill, but they can also damage and even kill seedlings when present in large numbers. In 2012 RGB damaged establishing spring crops in areas of southern and northern NSW. This spring, in some crops there are large numbers of RGB in the canola… Read more »

Rutherglen bugs in cotton – cause for concern?

Contributors: Susan Maas (CRDC), Lewis Wilson (CSIRO) There are currently reports of high numbers of Rutherglen bugs (RGB) in cotton across a number of growing regions (Downs, Namoi, Gwydir), and questions being asked about whether this pest can cause damage to reproductive cotton. This season has seen large spring migrations of RGB into cropping areas from Emerald to the Liverpool… Read more »

Management of Rutherglen bug in seedling crops, sorghum and sunflower – updated

Since early November, large numbers of Rutherglen bug (RGB) have been migrating into cropping regions from northern NSW through to Central Queensland. Whilst the exact origin of the bugs is unknown, it is likely that they are being carried on storm fronts from inland regions where they have bred up over winter and spring on native host plants that are… Read more »

Will Rutherglen bug damage sorghum post grain fill?

As many of the early sorghum crops reach physiological maturity, and approach harvest, questions are being asked as to whether it is necessary to control large populations of nymphs in these crops. More specifically, whether these RGB will cause any damage to the maturing grain between physiological maturity and harvest. Photo: Dave Murray (BigBug) out looking at a sorghum crop… Read more »

Rutherglen Bug in sorghum

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Rutherglen bug infestations of grain sorghumThis season we are seeing large infestations of Rutherglen bug (Nysius vinitor) (RGB) in sorghum crops from Central Queensland to the Downs, and further south. The large infestations are most likely a result of storm activity and the growth of weed hosts on which they breed up. RGB are very mobile, with large numbers of… Read more »

Rutherglen bugs are everywhere!

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Rutherglen bug (Nysius vinitor)(RGB) is one of the insect species that arrives in crops in spring in large numbers, usually in association with storm activity. You may also have seen them on your windows and screens (and around the lights) at home in recent days. It is likely that the bugs are moving around in the environment, perhaps even transported… Read more »