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Insect pest management in sorghum – a refresher

Sorghum is most sus­cep­ti­ble to crop loss from insect pests dur­ing flow­er­ing and grain fill, and this arti­cle deals most­ly with these species (sorghum midge, heli­cov­er­pa and Ruther­glen bug). How­ev­er, some years there may be pest infes­ta­tions in veg­e­ta­tive sorghum. Veg­e­ta­tive sorghum Dur­ing the veg­e­ta­tive stages you may see a few army­worm or heli­cov­er­pa lar­vae caus­ing shot-holes in the leaves,… Read more »

Rutherglen bug damage in mungbeans

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Although typ­i­cal­ly only in low num­bers in the North­ern Grains region, Ruther­glen bugs (RGB; Nysius vin­i­tor) were observed at very high den­si­ties (e.g. 50 RGB per pod) in many crops last year. A glasshouse study was con­duct­ed to deter­mine at what plant stage mung­beans were most sus­cep­ti­ble to RGB dam­age, in terms of both yield and seed qual­i­ty. To do… Read more »

Making decisions about Rutherglen bug in maturing sorghum crops

Ruther­glen bug (RGB) num­bers are per­sist­ing in many sorghum crops as they start to reach phys­i­o­log­i­cal matu­ri­ty. Queens­land Depart­ment of Agri­cul­ture and Fish­eries (DAF) research has shown no evi­dence of yield loss as a result of direct feed­ing on grain once it reach­es phys­i­o­log­i­cal matu­ri­ty (black lay­er). How­ev­er, because most crops this year have stag­gered head emer­gence, there are a… Read more »

Watch for Rutherglen bugs moving from canola into neighbouring crops.

Ruther­glen bug (RGB) num­bers in canola stub­ble are again high in some fields. These infes­ta­tions pose a risk to neigh­bour­ing crops, either through dam­age to estab­lish­ing sum­mer crops or con­t­a­m­i­na­tion of unhar­vest­ed win­ter crops. Both the canola and adja­cent crops war­rant mon­i­tor­ing for RGB infes­ta­tion and move­ment out of the canola field. If large num­ber of nymphs move into adja­cent fields with seedling… Read more »

Rutherglen bug in canola stubble – potential to damage establishing summer crops.

Ruther­glen bug (RGB) are best known for the dam­age they can cause in sun­flower and sorghum dur­ing grain­fill, but they can also dam­age and even kill seedlings when present in large num­bers. In 2012 RGB dam­aged estab­lish­ing spring crops in areas of south­ern and north­ern NSW. This spring, in some crops there are large num­bers of RGB in the canola… Read more »

Rutherglen bugs in cotton – cause for concern?

Con­trib­u­tors: Susan Maas (CRDC), Lewis Wil­son (CSIRO) There are cur­rent­ly reports of high num­bers of Ruther­glen bugs (RGB) in cot­ton across a num­ber of grow­ing regions (Downs, Namoi, Gwydir), and ques­tions being asked about whether this pest can cause dam­age to repro­duc­tive cot­ton. This sea­son has seen large spring migra­tions of RGB into crop­ping areas from Emer­ald to the Liv­er­pool… Read more »

Management of Rutherglen bug in seedling crops, sorghum and sunflower — updated

Since ear­ly Novem­ber, large num­bers of Ruther­glen bug (RGB) have been migrat­ing into crop­ping regions from north­ern NSW through to Cen­tral Queens­land. Whilst the exact ori­gin of the bugs is unknown, it is like­ly that they are being car­ried on storm fronts from inland regions where they have bred up over win­ter and spring on native host plants that are… Read more »

Will Rutherglen bug damage sorghum post grain fill?

As many of the ear­ly sorghum crops reach phys­i­o­log­i­cal matu­ri­ty, and approach har­vest, ques­tions are being asked as to whether it is nec­es­sary to con­trol large pop­u­la­tions of nymphs in these crops. More specif­i­cal­ly, whether these RGB will cause any dam­age to the matur­ing grain between phys­i­o­log­i­cal matu­ri­ty and har­vest. Pho­to: Dave Mur­ray (Big­Bug) out look­ing at a sorghum crop… Read more »

Rutherglen Bug in sorghum

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Ruther­glen bug infes­ta­tions of grain sorghumThis sea­son we are see­ing large infes­ta­tions of Ruther­glen bug (Nysius vin­i­tor) (RGB) in sorghum crops from Cen­tral Queens­land to the Downs, and fur­ther south. The large infes­ta­tions are most like­ly a result of storm activ­i­ty and the growth of weed hosts on which they breed up. RGB are very mobile, with large num­bers of… Read more »

Rutherglen bugs are everywhere!

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Ruther­glen bug (Nysius vin­i­tor)(RGB) is one of the insect species that arrives in crops in spring in large num­bers, usu­al­ly in asso­ci­a­tion with storm activ­i­ty. You may also have seen them on your win­dows and screens (and around the lights) at home in recent days. It is like­ly that the bugs are mov­ing around in the envi­ron­ment, per­haps even trans­port­ed… Read more »