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Thrip damage to early summer crops

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Emerging and vegetative summer crops in close proximity to unharvested winter crop are at risk of thrip damage, but the damage is largely cosmetic and rarely warrants treating. Thrips breed up in winter cereals, and particularly after rain, will move out of the winter crops in huge numbers. Most of you will be familiar with the joys of thrips biting… Read more »

Monitoring for establishment pests prior to sowing.

Where there is a history of soil insect damage resulting in poor crop establishment a pre-sowing inspection of the affected fields is warranted to determine the likely risk to the upcoming summer crop. Grain baits are an effective way of monitoring for soil-dwelling insect pests of summer crops, and is preferable to sampling with a shovel, which is both time… Read more »

Management of Rutherglen bug in seedling crops, sorghum and sunflower – updated

Since early November, large numbers of Rutherglen bug (RGB) have been migrating into cropping regions from northern NSW through to Central Queensland. Whilst the exact origin of the bugs is unknown, it is likely that they are being carried on storm fronts from inland regions where they have bred up over winter and spring on native host plants that are… Read more »

Soybean Loopers defoliating sunflower crops

Over the past couple of weeks there have been numerous reports of sunflower crops being defoliated by caterpillars.     The caterpillar has been identified as the soybean looper, and is the same species reported on a couple of weeks ago defoliating soybeans. There are two colour forms of the soybean looper (see pictures below). Although the colour differs, they are… Read more »