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Keep a lookout for phytoplasma in mungbeans and other summer legumes

Last sum­mer saw unprece­dent­ed lev­els of phy­to­plas­ma in sum­mer pulses/legumes (includ­ing chick­peas, mung­beans and pigeon peas) in all crop­ping regions in east­ern and north­ern Aus­tralia from the Ord Irri­ga­tion area (WA), Burdekin/Atherton Table­lands (NQ), to cen­tral NSW. The most like­ly insect vec­tor is the brown leafhop­per Oro­sius ori­en­tal­is, which has been detect­ed in recent (2017) spring crops. While plant­i­ngs of… Read more »

Phytoplasma resurfaces in the summer of 2016/17

Phy­to­plas­ma (a spe­cialised bac­te­ria infect­ing plants) has been wide­ly report­ed in spring-plan­t­ed mung­beans from Cen­tral Queens­land to North West­ern NSW (Moree and Narrabri) and all areas in between. Symp­toms include mass­es of small deformed leaves, flow­ers and pods, plants remain­ing green at har­vest, and pos­si­bly an increased inci­dence of puffy pod. While in pre­vi­ous recent sum­mers, mod­er­ate to high lev­els… Read more »