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I think I may have solenopsis mealybug in my cotton – what do I do?

Solenopsis mealybug can be found throughout Queensland’s cropping areas and has also been confirmed in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Victoria. Whilst solenopsis has not yet been confirmed in NSW cotton crops it would be reasonable to assume that it is likely to be present in the broader landscape and it is only a matter of time before it… Read more »

Research developments in Solenopsis mealybug management and boll rot in cotton.

Solenopsis mealybug (Phenacoccus solenopsis) was first identified at Emerald and the Burdekin during the 2009-10 cotton growing season. This sucking pest causes leaf distortion, stunting and reduced boll size and number. Heavy infestations can lead to plant death. Solenopsis mealybugs also produce a honeydew which affects photosynthesis and leads to sooty mould development on lint. This pest has the potential… Read more »

Good IPM starts in winter

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Farm hygiene underpins the successful management of a number of major pests. The recent appearance of solonopsis mealybug has highlighted again the importance of farm hygiene. We already know from past experiences with silverleaf whitefly, aphids and bunchy top that it makes economic sense to keep on top of weeds and volunteer cotton. Good farm hygiene over winter is an investment in next season’s crop.

Mealybugs in cotton

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Outbreaks of mealybugs have recently been reported from a number of cotton farms in central Queensland. While mealybugs are considered a minor pest of cotton, they have, on rare occasions, reached minor outbreak levels or ‘hotspots’ in commercial crops in central Queensland