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I think I may have solenopsis mealybug in my cotton – what do I do?

Solenop­sis mealy­bug can be found through­out Queensland’s crop­ping areas and has also been con­firmed in West­ern Aus­tralia, the North­ern Ter­ri­to­ry and Vic­to­ria. Whilst solenop­sis has not yet been con­firmed in NSW cot­ton crops it would be rea­son­able to assume that it is like­ly to be present in the broad­er land­scape and it is only a mat­ter of time before it… Read more »

Mealybug outbreak found on the Darling Downs

DAFF Queens­land ento­mol­o­gists have con­firmed a small out­break of Solenop­sis mealy­bug (Phenacoc­cus solenop­sis) on a cot­ton prop­er­ty west of Dal­by on the Dar­ling Downs. This is the same species of mealy­bug that affect­ed cot­ton crops in Emer­ald and the Bur­dekin in 2010 and more recent­ly in the South Bur­nett.

Research developments in Solenopsis mealybug management and boll rot in cotton.

Solenop­sis mealy­bug (Phenacoc­cus solenop­sis) was first iden­ti­fied at Emer­ald and the Bur­dekin dur­ing the 2009-10 cot­ton grow­ing sea­son. This suck­ing pest caus­es leaf dis­tor­tion, stunt­ing and reduced boll size and num­ber. Heavy infes­ta­tions can lead to plant death. Solenop­sis mealy­bugs also pro­duce a hon­ey­dew which affects pho­to­syn­the­sis and leads to sooty mould devel­op­ment on lint. This pest has the poten­tial… Read more »

Good IPM starts in winter

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Farm hygiene under­pins the suc­cess­ful man­age­ment of a num­ber of major pests. The recent appear­ance of solonop­sis mealy­bug has high­light­ed again the impor­tance of farm hygiene. We already know from past expe­ri­ences with sil­ver­leaf white­fly, aphids and bunchy top that it makes eco­nom­ic sense to keep on top of weeds and vol­un­teer cot­ton. Good farm hygiene over win­ter is an invest­ment in next season’s crop.

Exotic mealybug species — a major new pest in cotton

Biose­cu­ri­ty Queens­land has con­firmed an out­break of an exot­ic species of mealy­bug cur­rent­ly affect­ing cot­ton prop­er­ties in Emer­ald is also present in cot­ton crops in the Bur­dekin region. The exot­ic species of mealy bug is com­mon­ly known as the Solenop­sis mealy­bug (Phenacoc­cus solenop­sis).

Mealybugs in cotton

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Out­breaks of mealy­bugs have recent­ly been report­ed from a num­ber of cot­ton farms in cen­tral Queens­land. While mealy­bugs are con­sid­ered a minor pest of cot­ton, they have, on rare occa­sions, reached minor out­break lev­els or ‘hotspots’ in com­mer­cial crops in cen­tral Queens­land