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Phytoplasma resurfaces in the summer of 2016/17

Hugh Brier   February 3, 2017   Comments Off on Phytoplasma resurfaces in the summer of 2016/17
Image 4. Severe phytoplasma symptoms in podding mungbeans at Byee Qld.  Note mass of small green deformed pods, plus normal undamaged pods on the same plant.  Photo by Hugh Brier

Phytoplasma (a specialised bacteria infecting plants) has been widely reported in spring-planted mungbeans from Central Queensland to North Western NSW (Moree and Narrabri) and all areas in between. Symptoms include masses of small deformed leaves, flowers and pods, plants remaining green at harvest, and possibly an increased incidence of puffy pod. While in previous recent summers, moderate to high levels… Read more »