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Soybean stem fly on the move in soybeans in the Northern Rivers NSW

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Out­break report: Soy­bean stem fly (Melana­gromyza sojae) was detect­ed in late Jan­u­ary, 2018 in a 6-week old soy­bean crop near Casi­no, NSW. At the time of detec­tion, most stem fly in the crop were in the pupal stage. There were no plant ill health symp­toms (e.g. wilting/death), despite numer­ous exit holes made by lar­vae pri­or to pupa­tion. These holes are… Read more »

Don’t let lucerne crown borer overwinter in your soybean stubble

Once again, lucerne crown bor­er (LCB) (Zygri­ta diva) has been active in soy­beans this sea­son. Worst affect­ed regions were the North­ern Rivers and the Liv­er­pool Plains in NSW, but reports were also field­ed from the Bund­aberg, Fas­sifern and Dar­ling Downs regions in Queens­land. In some of the severe­ly affect­ed crops, over 80% of plants were infest­ed, and up to 70%… Read more »

Pod and stem boring pests of soybean – an update

The 2013/14 soy­bean grow­ing sea­son has been chal­leng­ing for many grow­ers with very low rain­fall and high tem­per­a­tures until late March. Crop stress was some­times wrong­ly attrib­uted to insect pests although a num­ber of crops were infest­ed with more unusu­al pests such as etiel­la. The high tem­per­a­tures also increased the impact of lucerne crown bor­er in infest­ed crops.

Soybean stem fly outbreak in soybean crops

An esti­mat­ed 4,000 ha of soy­beans near Casi­no in North­ern NSW have been affect­ed to vary­ing degrees by soy­bean stem fly (Melana­gromyza sojae) , a pest rarely seen in dam­ag­ing num­bers in Aus­tralia. Dam­age in many Casi­no crops is con­found­ed by the pres­ence of char­coal rot, a dis­ease which blocks the plant’s vas­cu­lar (xylem and phloem) tis­sue and caus­es sim­i­lar… Read more »

Etiella outbreak in vegetative soybeans on the Darling Downs

Etiel­la (Etiel­la behrii) lar­vae have been observed in sig­nif­i­cant num­bers (up to 10 lar­vae per square metre) in veg­e­ta­tive soy­bean crops in the Cecil Plains/ Pam­pas regions of the Dar­ling Downs, and in low num­bers (<1/sqm) in a DAFF soy­bean tri­al at Kingaroy. These infes­ta­tions are like­ly due to the cur­rent hot and dry sea­son­al con­di­tions which his­tor­i­cal­ly favour increased… Read more »