How soybeans are classified on spray labels

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With a range of pest outbreaks recently (including fall armyworm), and the issuing of several new permits in Australia, there has been some confusion as to whether pulse crop references on spray labels and permits in Australia include soybeans.

The good news is that the answer is yes it certainly does!

Soybeans are listed by the APVMA under Crop Group 015, Subgroup 015A, Dry beans. This subgroup includes adzuki beans, mungbeans, navy beans, cowpeas and soybeans. Chickpeas and pigeon peas are listed in Pulses Subgroup 015B, Dry peas.

The confusion has arisen because soybeans were once regarded as oilseeds. However, the vast majority of Australian soybeans are now grown for human consumption, and are therefore now classified as pulses.

For more information on crop groups, or to see the full list of crops included under pulses, visit the APVMA website.