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Soybean Loopers defoliating sunflower crops

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Over the past couple of weeks there have been numerous reports of sunflower crops being defoliated by caterpillars.     The caterpillar has been identified as the soybean looper, and is the same species reported on a couple of weeks ago defoliating soybeans. There are two colour forms of the soybean looper (see pictures below). Although the colour differs, they are… Read more »

Loopers out in force in soybeans

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High soybean looper (Thysanoplusia orichalcea) populations (20-40/m2) have been reported in many regions in flowering and podding soybeans. While soybeans can tolerate 33% defoliation with no yield loss during the vegetative stages, their defoliation tolerance slips to 16% during podset/early podfill. Consequently, consider taking action if high looper populations are threatening your crop. Large soybean looper (38 mm). Note the tapered… Read more »

Castor Oil Looper outbreak

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Over the past week we have had several enquiries about large numbers of caterpillars destroying plants in home gardens. This pest has now been identified as castor oil looper – Achaea janata. While the entomology team does not generally report on home garden issues, this pest can also affect broadleaf crops such as soybeans and mungbeans. The castor oil looper… Read more »