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Keeping an eye out for diseases this winter

From this winter, the Beatsheet will start expanding to incorporate information on broadacre crop diseases (including alerts, identification and management). Recent alerts have been issued to watch for the diseases below: Ascochyta blight – reported in chickpeas in the eastern Downs Cereal rust – reported from southern Queensland and northern New South Wales. Bean yellow mosaic virus – detected in… Read more »

Have you seen this mungbean disease recently?

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Several growers and agronomists across southern Queensland have reported extensive damage to their mungbean crops due to Fusarium wilt this season. Large areas of affected paddocks have plants that are wilted or dead, resulting in significant yield losses. The results of DAF annual disease surveys over the last five years have found that the disease is most common in crops… Read more »

Stem fly and disease outbreaks in Queensland soybeans

Since early March 2020, soybean growers in the Burdekin have seen significant damage to their crops. Close inspection of crops found many with soybean stem fly damage as well as leaf spots, and stem and pod lesions. Severely affected plants have suffered complete and rapid leaf defoliation. In many crops, plants did not collapse until the late pod-fill stage, when… Read more »

Keeping a close eye on diseases this season

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Recent rainfall has led to opportunistic late plantings in some areas. The current high relative humidity may also lead to an increased risk of disease in some crops. Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) plant pathologists are encouraging Northern Region grain growers to submit disease samples (particularly powdery mildew in mungbeans) for diagnosis as part of effective paddock monitoring and… Read more »