Etiella in mungbeans and soybeans – do we manage the threat or the pest?

There is an under­stand­able level of con­cern about how best to man­age etiella (Etiella behrii) in sum­mer mung­bean crops fol­low­ing the unex­pect­edly high etiella infes­ta­tions (and cor­re­spond­ing seed dam­age and con­t­a­m­i­na­tion) in spring mung­bean crops on the Downs and in Cen­tral Queens­land and North West­ern New South Wales. Respond­ing to the etiella threat with­out react­ing prematurely […]

Locusts and grasshoppers active across western regions and central Queensland

Locusts and grasshop­pers are active across large areas of west­ern Queens­land and NSW and cen­tral Queens­land. Reports of the Aus­tralian Plague Locust, Migra­tory Locusts,  Yel­low winged locust and spur-throated locust have been received from areas around St George to the Cen­tral High­lands dur­ing Jan­u­ary and early Feb­ru­ary. It has been sev­eral years since we have seen […]

Soybean moth active in North Queensland

Sig­nif­i­cant soy­bean moth activ­ity has recently been reported in some Bur­dekin soy­bean crops. Soy­bean moth is a gen­er­ally a minor soy­bean pest but sig­nif­i­cant out­breaks have been reported peri­od­i­cally in all soy­bean grow­ing regions. Feed­ing dam­age Lar­vae feed mostly within the leaves, mak­ing dis­tinc­tive pale leaf mines, and often dis­tort­ing leaves. Soy­bean moth is present […]

Overview of the green peach aphid and beet western yellows virus outbreak in southern Australia (2014)

In the autumn and early win­ter of 2014, large areas of canola in South Aus­tralia, Vic­to­ria and south­ern NSW were heav­ily infested with green peach aphid (GPA), and many of the infested crops tested pos­i­tive for beet west­ern yel­lows virus (BWYV). GRDC TV  has com­piled a series of three videos that dis­cuss what fac­tors contributed […]

Etiella alert for mungbean on the Darling Downs, Goondiwindi and Northern NSW growing regions

A sig­nif­i­cant etiella out­break was recently reported in pod-filling mung­bean in the Moree region of North West­ern NSW. In this par­tic­u­lar crop, it is esti­mated that etiella lar­vae have infested pods on 50% of plants. Etiella eggs, at low den­si­ties, were also recently observed in an early flow­er­ing crop near Bun­gunya (west of Goondi­windi, Qld).

Bruchids infesting pulse crops in the field

There have been two reports recently of cow­pea bruchid activ­ity, with these pests infest­ing pulse crops in the field prior to har­vest. The first report con­cerned the cow­pea bruchid (wee­vil) Cal­loso­bruchus mac­u­la­tus in field peas from Goondi­windi. The bruchids were noticed at intake and con­tin­ued to breed in an untreated grain sam­ple post-harvest. This clearly […]

Watch for Rutherglen bugs moving from canola into neighbouring crops.

Ruther­glen bug (RGB) num­bers in canola stub­ble are again high in some fields. These infes­ta­tions pose a risk to neigh­bour­ing crops, either through dam­age to estab­lish­ing sum­mer crops or con­t­a­m­i­na­tion of unhar­vested win­ter crops. Both the canola and adja­cent crops war­rant mon­i­tor­ing for RGB infes­ta­tion and move­ment out of the canola field. If large num­ber of nymphs […]

Seedling thrips in spring mungbean crops

There have been sev­eral reports of seedling thrips in spring mung­bean crops in the Goondi­windi region. Seedling thrips (Thrips tabaci) are also known as win­ter cereal thrips or cot­ton seedling thrips. The thrips move out of win­ter cere­als when these start to dry off into new green spring growth such as mung­bean, navy beans or […]