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Soybean moth active again in 2017 in coastal Queensland

Major soybean moth outbreaks have recently been reported in some coastal Burnett soybean crops, and lesser outbreaks in crops in the Burdekin. Soybean moth is generally a minor soybean pest but major outbreaks have been reported periodically in all soybean growing regions. In extreme cases, crops can be totally defoliated. Feeding damage Larvae feed mostly within the leaves, making distinctive… Read more »

Soybean Moth causing major damage in soybeans

Soybean moth Aproaerema simplexella is a very common pest of soybeans but is usually only present in very low numbers. This season high numbers of moths and caterpillars were found especially in the Wide Bay Burnett region with some fields sustaining extensive damage. Similar leaf miners attack many horticultural crops, but are species other than A. simplexella. Weed hosts of… Read more »