Helicoverpa pheromone trapping program concluded for 2017

The Heli­cov­er­pa pheromone trap­ping pro­gram has recent­ly con­clud­ed for the 2017 Winter/Spring sea­son. The pro­gram, run by the Queens­land Depart­ment of Agri­cul­ture and Fish­eries for the North­ern Grain Grow­ing region, forms part of the nation­al Heli­cov­er­pa mon­i­tor­ing net­work joint­ly run by cesar, SARDI, and DAFWA. The pri­ma­ry pur­pose of the trap­ping net­work is to detect high moth activ­i­ty, for both H. punctig­era and H. armigera, which serves as a warn­ing for poten­tial egg lays and future lar­val pop­u­la­tions with­in crops.

Trap counts for both H. armigera and H. punctig­era were demon­stra­bly low­er than the large counts the mon­i­tor­ing pro­gram obtained last year (Fig­ure 1).

Ha-Dalby Hp-Dalby Ha-Kingaroy Hp-Kingaroy Ha-NorthStar Hp-NorthStar Ha-Roma Hp-Roma

Figure 1: Trap localities with 3 years of Helicoverpa pheromone trapping data. 2017 trap catches were particularly low in comparison to moth numbers experienced in 2016. Note the change in scale (number on left axis) of moths trapped at the different locations.

The rel­a­tive­ly low trap counts for this sea­son cor­re­late with field reports from agron­o­mists that gen­er­al­ly low pop­u­la­tions of Heli­cov­er­pa lar­vae were encoun­tered in crops. How­ev­er, dur­ing mid to late Octo­ber we wit­nessed a rise in trap catch­es for H. armigera, par­tic­u­lar­ly in NSW (Fig­ure 2). This moth activ­i­ty late in the sea­son cor­re­lat­ed with reports of high grub pres­sure in late-plant­ed chick­pea crops, and those which start­ed to regrow fol­low­ing rain.

HA-centralWest HP-CentralWest HA-Burnett_Downs HP-Burnett_Downs HA-SthQld HP-SthQld HA-NthNSW HP-NthNSW

Figure 2: Helicoverpa pheromone trap catches across the Northern Region. Note the sharp increase in moth counts during October for NSW sites.

This trap­ping pro­gram wouldn’t be pos­si­ble with­out the work of the trap oper­a­tors:

  • Gail Spar­go (DAF) — Emer­ald
  • Scott Lough­nan (Avenel) — Muckadil­la
  • Craig Miller (Land­mark) — Roma
  • Angus Elder & Jess Mick­el­bor­ough (MCA Goondi­win­di Pty Ltd) — Con­damine & Ingle­stone
  • Liz Williams & Emma Teese (DAF) — Kingaroy
  • Belin­da Chase (Dal­by Rur­al Sup­plies) — Dal­by
  • Ed Briton (MCA Goondi­win­di Pty Ltd) — Bongeen
  • Jamie Street (Street Agri­cul­tur­al Ser­vices Pty Ltd) — St. George
  • Bec McMil­lan & Mur­ray Aly­win (MCA Goondi­win­di Pty Ltd) — Bill Bil­la
  • Jere­my Daw­son & Stu­art Jef­fers (MCA Goondi­win­di Pty Ltd) — Mungin­di
  • Leigh Nor­ton (Elders) — North Star
  • Peter Meppem & Greg Rum­mery (Greg Rum­mery Con­sult­ing) — Rowe­na & Cry­on
  • Glen Ueber­gang (Local Land Ser­vices (LLS)) — Inverell 
  • Bill Man­ning (LLS) — Breeza
  • Neroli Bren­nan (LLS) – Trang­ie

For more infor­ma­tion or if you would be inter­est­ed in being involved in next year’s trap­ping pro­gram please con­tact: [email protected]