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Improved mirid spray thresholds for cotton

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After the introduction of Bt cotton in the 1990s, the focus of cotton pest management has shifted to sucking pests. Green and brown mirid (Creontiades spp.) damage can occur at any stage, from seedling to boll filling, although crops are usually attacked before peak flowering. Feeding damage (including terminal death, abscission of young squares and bolls, and lint damage in… Read more »

New APVMA permit for use of dimethoate to control mirids in faba beans.

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In response to the recent confirmation of the damage potential of green mirids in faba beans, Pulse Australia has successfully applied to the APVMA for a permit to allow the use of dimethoate for the control of mirids in faba beans (PER82378). The permit is active from 1 June 2016 to 31 May 2021, and is applicable in all states,… Read more »

Confirmation of green mirid damage potential in faba beans

Over the past two winters, agronomists and growers have been asking whether the green mirids that they are finding in faba beans are doing any damage. Until now, the short answer to that was that we simply didn’t know. In 2014 Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) Entomology conducted a preliminary trial to determine if green mirids could cause the… Read more »

Mirids in Mungbeans

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Mirids can cause significant crop losses in mungbeans with yield reductions of up to 25-50% common where high mirid populations (eg 10/m2) are left uncontrolled. Mirids can reduce yields by 60 kg/ha for every mirid/m2 of crop. Mirids can be present in mungbeans at any stage from seedlings to podding. Budding, flowering and early-podding crops are at greatest risk. Low… Read more »

Insurance spray for mirids in Bollgard II

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With the Festive Season almost here and an irrigation pending, is there value in applying a spray for mirids for peace of mind? This decision to apply an insurance spray needs to be carefully considered because it has the potential to cost much more in the long run. Where do mirids come from? Mirids overwinter as adults on wild hosts…. Read more »