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Large flights of fall armyworm detected in the Mackay region

Fall armyworm (FAW, Spodoptera frugiperda) is an exotic pest that was first detected on the Australian mainland in February 2020. State and federal biosecurity organisations have determined it to be unfeasible to eradicate this pest and it is now classified as endemic. In response to this incursion, the Queensland Government has funded a network of traps to better understand the… Read more »

Flights of Helicoverpa armigera & H. punctigera detected throughout the Northern Grains Region in July and August

The annual Helicoverpa spp. pheromone trapping program for the Northern Grains Region commenced last month. During the first few weeks of trap catches, trap operators have detected flights of both H. punctigera and H. armigera in pheromone traps across the Northern Region. As we have seen in the last six years of our trapping program, H. armigera flights are consistently… Read more »