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2018 Helicoverpa pheromone trapping in the Northern Grains region

The 2018 spring Helicoverpa pheromone trapping program for the Northern Grains Region has recently concluded. The program, run by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for the Northern Grain Growing region, forms part of the national Helicoverpa monitoring network jointly run by DAF, cesar, SARDI, and DAFWA. The primary purpose of the trapping network is to detect high moth… Read more »

Recognising caterpillar pests of canola.

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As canola sets and matures pods, and spring temperatures rise, there are a number of caterpillar pests that are active in this crop. Along with helicoverpa there are diamondback moth larvae (Plutella xylostella) and cabbage white butterfly larvae (Pieris rapae) in crops. It is critical that you can distinguish the species, and be familiar with their respective thresholds, in order… Read more »

Check for establishment pests before planting summer crops

Crops are most susceptible to pest damage at the seedling stage. Pests feeding on seedlings can reduce plant establishment, increase weed competition, delay flowering and lower yields. In some cases there may be a need for re-sowing. Most of the establishment pests found in the northern region are soil-dwelling insects. Soil insects may be difficult to detect prior to sowing…. Read more »

Whitefly resistance monitoring in Cotton

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Results for 2011-12 Monitoring for resistance in Silverleaf whitefly, collected in the 2011-12 cotton season, is now complete. Results show that resistance exists for Admiral® and bifenthrin (e.g. Talstar®) in horticulture but not in cotton while SLW remain susceptible to Pegasus® and Movento® In total 17 collections were made from Emerald, St George, Theodore, Moree and Narrabri for resistance monitoring…. Read more »

Collecting to assess silverleaf whitefly susceptibility to insecticides

As the cotton season draws to a close it is time to for the DAFF team working on Silverleaf whitefly (SLW) resistance monitoring to start making collections of whitefly from across the cotton-growing regions. Even if SLW numbers are below threshold, it is possible for the team to make collections of either nymphs (on leaves) or adults (using the suction… Read more »