Brown stink bugs in cotton – by Moazzem Khan

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Distinguishing ‘brown’ stink bugs from each other.

Adults brown stink bugs (Dictyotus caenosus) are shield shaped, matt brown, and smaller than green vegetable bug (GVB), about 7 – 8 mm long (Plate 1). They may be confused with glossy shield bug (Cermatulus nasalis) which is a slightly larger predatory bug, and with rice spotting bug (Eysarcoris distinctus) which is smaller (5 – 6 mm) and has two pale elongated marks on the top (Plate 1).








  Brown stink bugs lay pale cream eggs in twin row rafts (Plate 2).

Eggs are similar in shape to GVB eggs, but egg rafts of GVB are seldom in two rows. Newly hatched nymphs are orange with dark markings and a black head (Plate 3).  These are indistinguishable from other shield bug nymphs.  As they grow they change colour to have a pale brown abdomen and transverse dark and pale markings at the centre of the abdomen (Plate 3, fourth instar nymphs pictured).