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Red Cross webinar: Preparing for tough times

Wednesday 12 August 10-11:15am AEST Listen to a bit of an introduction on preparedness in the drought space and the importance of preparing the mind for challenging times. Includes tools and tips to support drought resilience and preparedness. Speakers : Dr. Jacki Schirmer , Dr . Mel Taylor and Shannon McCormack Note: the webinars are free but limited to 500… Read more »

Red Cross webinar: Family wellbeing in the face of ongoing stress

Wednesday 29 July 10-11:15am AEST Hear what the research tells us about adult relationships, family roles and children’s experience through droughts, alongside practical tips on how to support children as well as adult relationships. Speakers : Dr. Margaret Alston, Stephanie Schmidt and Dr. Margaret Nixon Note: the webinars are free but limited to 500 attendees. Register here.

Red Cross webinar: Wellbeing after the rains

Wednesday 15 July 10-11:15 AEST Hear from the Bureau of Meteorology on winter weather predictions and what rain means for the drought. Hear w hat the research says about wellbeing when communities are seen to be in drought recovery, strategies to help with things beyond your control and how to make the most of every day. Speakers : Dr. Lynette… Read more »

Red Cross webinar: The drought cycle; adaptation and strengthening resilience

Wednesday 1 July from 10-11am AEST Hear about the drought cycle, the cumulative challenges communities often face and key considerations at different stages of the drought cycle. Learn a bit about the psychology around adaptation in the face of this long term stress and how to strengthen resilience and manage wellbeing through tough times. Speakers: Dr. Jacki Schirmer and Dr…. Read more »

Red Cross webinar: Maintaining wellbeing through drought & prolonged stress

Wednesday 17 June 10-11am AEST Gain a greater understanding of the effects and signs of prolonged stress, the science behind stress and practical ways to maintain wellbeing, support your community and loved ones. Speaker: Dr. David Younger Note: the webinars are free but limited to 500 attendees. Register here.