Weekly Helicoverpa pheromone trap catches

The northern region Helicoverpa pheromone trap network is part of a national network of traps. Information on trap catches in the southern and western regions are reported in PestFacts and PestFax newsletters (see useful links page).

For more information about pheromone traps, watch a video on how to set up traps on the Beatsheet’s YouTube channel.

2017 trapping program

Below are tables and maps displaying Helicoverpa moth numbers caught in traps from our initial sites during the first week of trapping (ending 11th August). This page will be updated weekly with new trap data.

Helicoverpa armigera

11-aug armigera table11-aug armigera map


Helicoverpa punctigera

11-aug punctigera table11-aug punctigera map



2016 trapping program

The 2016 trapping program concluded on 11 November. The map below shows the trap locations and total Helicoverpa moths caught (both H. punctigera and H. armigera). Click on a location to access weekly counts.

2015 trapping program

The period of particular interest (H. punctigera immigration flights, and H. armigera emergence from overwintering diapause) concluded on 2 November.

Trapping information was updated weekly on Fridays and/or the following Monday. Click on the location marker to see trap counts.

The Northern region pheromone trap network in 2015 was funded by GRDC as part of the National Pest Information Service project (DAQ00201).

This trap data is only available through the generous cooperation of a number of agronomists and Department staff (QLD DAF, NSW DPI, LLS) across the northern grains region. The 2015 trap watchers were: Jamie Iker (Comet, Rolleston, Capella); Craig Miller (Roma); Hugh Brier (Kingaroy, Byee, Barker’s Creek); Belinda Chase (Nandi), Richard Lloyd (Brookstead); Jamie Street (St George); Bec Raymond (Goondiwindi, Garah); Leigh Norton (North Star); Colin Tann (Narrabri); Bill Manning (Breeza), Sam Simons (Mullaly); Leigh Jenkins (Trangie); Neroli Brennan (Narromine), Patrick McGuinness (Hillston/Hay).